Flying Focus January 1996 Newsletter

Here's our latest (1/96) newsletter. If you'd like to be on our 'snail' mailing list, or would like a copy of the 1996 catalog, feel free to contact us

January 1996

Flying Focus Turns 5 (Video Bus 4)

Believe it or not, The Flying Focus Video Collective was formed five years ago in 1991. A spin-off from the Promotion & Production Committee of CAUSMIME, a group organized against the Gulf War, Flying Focus has branched out to cover all sorts political topics (see the catalog!). Even more amazing, we've managed to produce the weekly half-hour show The Flying Focus Video Bus almost every week for the past four years. That's over 200 shows!

The Fourth Busiversary aired in November and featured four Flying Focus members reviewing some of their efforts in 1995.

Of course we couldn't do what we do without help from everyone in the community, and we just want to say "THANKS!" to all the people who've donated time, money, equipment, and supplies to Flying Focus, and especially all the people who've appeared on our programs. We really appreciate every bit.

Noam Chomsky Talk Now Available

If you missed the sold-out appearance of Noam Chomsky in October, you can now catch him in your own living room, or take him to a classroom or friend's house. Flying Focus has just produced the tape of his talk given to benefit the anarchist store & collective 223 Freedom & Mutual Aid Center. The talk was wildly successful, so if you couldn't make it and would like to hear Noam, or if you were there and would just like to review your notes, we have the video. (SE #80)

1996 Catalog!

Starting the year on a good note, we've come out with our new bright & sunny 24-page catalog. Since we've also been producing so many new shows, some of the older programs have been removed to make space. For a full listing of our tapes, write or call and ask for the '96 Catalog Appendix. As you check out our new offerings, you might notice we've got some eye-catching pictures inside, thanks to the hard work of Lynn Porter & his computer. Thank you, Lynn!

Lending Library Outlet Changes

We've got over 20 tapes available at our various lending library sites, including Laughing Horse Books on Division, the Oregon Peace Institute on NW 23rd, and 223 Freedom & Mutual Aid Center at 223 NW Burnside. Please note that Cosmo's has closed its doors, so we will instead be offering our tape library at Underground Video on 2715 SE Belmont.

We're also offering a plan where people can sponsor a tape. If you order a tape and don't need to keep it, but think it should be part of our lending library, you can become its sponsor. Your generosity will allow others access to materials they might not have otherwise.

Wes Jackson: The Land Institute

Called one of the most important Americans of this century by Life Magazine, Wes Jackson, the founder of The Land Institute and promoter of native seed cultures visited Portland to talk about his theories and practices. He just recently purchased most of an abandoned town in Southwest Kansas and he's gathering Agri-gurus of all kinds in a plan to attempt the deepest of deep ecology. If you're interested in learning more about Wes Jackson, check out "Becoming Native to This Place." (SE#82)

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