Flying Focus March 1997 Newsletter

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March 1997

Flying Focus Video Collective

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Using video as a tool for social change

Fifth Busiversary

On November 18, 1996, the Flying Focus Video Bus celebrated five years on the air. This year's retrospective, the "Fifth Busiversary" (VB #21.8&9) features short clips from our first four years, as well as the ubiquitous introductions to our work in 1996 from Flying Focus producers. Meet Elizabeth Atly, Moss Drake, Dan Handelman, Frank Mahoney, Hyung Nam, PC Peri and Marjorie, sitting in for Barb Greene. You can see clips about Cuba, the death penalty, the substance of news, an alternative media conference, vegan cooking and animal rights issues... among others.

Women's Tribunal Program

Belated recognition of International Women's Day will occur in late March when we show "The Oregon Tribunal on Violations of Women's Human Rights", sponsored by Women Empowered Beyond Beijing for Equality, Development and Peace. The Tribunal, culminating "16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence," condenses 8 hours of testimony and recommendations into a powerful one-hour program which will be shown in two parts on the Flying Focus Video Bus.

Lending Library News

By the time you read this, we will have spent the last of our grant money from The Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media, having distributed copies of 23 tapes to four locations. While Laughing Horse Books, Underground Video and 223 Freedom and Mutual Aid Center all remain at their old locations, the Oregon Peace Institute has become part of "Building Bridges", a new umbrella organization housed at 1950 SW 6th Avenue, Rm 121 (near PSU). Their new phone number is 725-8192. For more information on the Lending Library check out our web page at

Ramsey Clark

Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark spoke at Portland State University in November 1996 regarding "Sanctions and Other Weapons of War." Look for a video of his speech (SE #89), which tells of the conditions in Iraq after six years of US and UN imposed sanctions and the aftermath of the so- called "Gulf War." The tape includes speakers Richard Becker from Clark's organization the International Action Center and Mohamad Zuhairy of Portland Peaceworks Iraq Affinity Group, and photos by Bill Hackwell, who traveled to Iraq in 1995.

Scholarly Focus

New York University. Drexel University in Philadelphia. Harvard University. University of Minnesota in Duluth. Greensboro College North Carolina. What do these schools have in common? People have shown our tapes there, either to classes, or on their cable access facilities. This is very exciting for Flying Focus, since one of our main goals is to educate the public using video.

If you go to a school or teach at one and are thinking of using our tapes for class use or public viewing, please let us know so we can keep track of where our work is being effective!

Special thanks to Yvonne Simmons who passed our tapes on to a teacher from Harvar