Flying Focus October 1996 Newsletter

Here's our latest (10/96) newsletter. If you'd like to be on our 'snail' mailing list, or would like a copy of the 1996 catalog, feel free to contact us

October 1996

Covering the "March Against the Myth": Death Penalty Abolition Action

In September, the Oregon Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty organized a four-day march from Portland to Salem titled "March Against the Myth." Flying Focus covered the issue prior to the event ("Capital Punishment: The Death Penalty in Oregon" VB #20.9, VB#20.10). Then, Collective members videotaped different parts of the march, including the vigil outside the penitentiary during Oregon's first execution in 34 years. Watch for a documentary-style compilation of footage coming soon -- and contact us if you want to get involved!

Wish List

Thanks to all the people who donated to the Flying Focus / Portland Alliance / Peaceworks rummage sale in September. Because of your support Flying Focus managed to raise almost $300! Of course we also like to remind people that monetary donations are equally gratefully accepted, and they can be tax-deductible.

Also, we REALLY, REALLY need your VHS tapes! If you have bought any tapes you don't need, or have some you recorded on that you don't really want any more, please consider donating them to Flying Focus! Thanks, once again.

Five Year Busiversary

1996 has marked a lot of 5 year marks for us: our inception (January), incorporation (August) and, coming up November 18, five years of our weekly show, the Flying Focus Video Bus!

To celebrate this historical time, we will present our annual retrospective, the Busiversary, on Nov. 18 and 25 on the Video Bus, but we are also looking for a marathon block of 4.5 hours to show ALL FIVE Busiversary compilation programs. This will be a unique opportunity to watch how our work has evolved over the years. We think we will find a public gathering spot to watch the programs as they are cablecast--we'll let you know when we have more details.

The five years since our inception also means that the IRS makes its final determination this year as to our tax-exempt status as an educational organization. Thanks to all of you, we know we meet the requirement that we receive more than one-third of our support from the general public-so we expect our status will be made permanent in October.

Unconventional Convention Coverage

Want to see behind the scenes at the presidential conventions?

After the first Media & Democracy Congress this February, some of the attendees decided they wanted to organize their own coverage of the Republican Convention in San Diego, and the Democratic Convention in Chicago. After months of organizing, and several quick weeks of videoactivity, the LA Alternative Media Network and CounterMedia have compiled two shows covering the conventions from angles ignored by corporate news.

Even more exciting, Deep Dish Television has managed to distribute the tape to video activists throughout the country, and now Flying Focus will be showing this two hour documentary/news program on Thursday October 24th at Fift