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Alternative Media Links"Info: Flying Focus Past & Present

Check out some of these other alternative media sites:


  • Paper Tiger TV
  • Deep Dish TV
  • Free Speech TV
  • Labor Beat


  • Portland's Indymedia site
  • (local videographer Jim Lockhart-link not working 2/17)
  • Empowered Voices Media Project at Sisters of the Road
        The TV Set (friends of Flying Focus with a twice-monthly show--link not working 6/11)

  • Joe Anybody, a sometime contributor to Flyling Focus

  • More information about Flying Focus past and present:

  • Take our supporter survey (download, print and mail)
  • Check out our "Mainstream TV Challenge"

  • Compare our $5000 annual budget to NBC and the military
  • Read hands-on hints in "Notes from the Field"
  • NEWS: April 25, 2016 (updated 5/8/16): Portland Police Boycott of Oversight Meetings
    Rooted in Dispute Over Location of Flying Focus Camera

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