Want to know what you'll see when you watch the 12th Busiversary?

Welcome (Part 1)

VB 46.7 Iran and Iraq's Other Neighbors: US Foreign Policy (Goudarz Eghtedari)

VB 47.4 Conscience Calls to Action (Frank Fromherz and action at Federal Building 3/19/03)

VB 48.2&3 Eyewitness Iraq: Pax Christi, USA (national coordinator David Robinson)

VB 48.8&9 Living with the Enemy (photojournalist Joel Preston Smith)

VB 49.1 Kurdish Perspective (panelists at PSU)

SE 100 March 15th Peace March (2003)

VB 47.1 Creating Enemies (Amanda Byron, Oregon Peace Institute)

VB 47.9 Conflict within Groups (Frances Kaplan-therapist & mediator)

VB 48.11 Building Consensus (presentation by Building Community Through Consensus)

Outtro 1

Welcome (part 2)

VB 46.4 Guatemala: Digging for the Truth (video by Amnesty International)

VB 47.7 Jess Trussme (comedy by Ira Schorr of Physicians for Social Responsibility)

VB 45.12 History of the Voluntary Simplicity Movement in Portland (if there is one) (Eric Malin)

VB 46.9&10 No on Hate Forum (community response to hate crimes, early 2003)

VB 48.5&6 Civil Rights Movement: Then and Now (Georgia Rep. John Lewis, civil rights icon)

VB 47.12&13 Convicted In The Womb (the late activist Carl Upchurch)

VB 46.12 Building a Multi-Ethnic Peace Movement (organizer Prexy Nesbitt)

VB 49.4&5 The Community and the Portland Police 2003 (Kendra James, police review board, more)

VB 46.1 Julia Butterfly Hill: Stewardship of the Earth

A Tribute to Mischief, the Peace Dog

Outtro 2

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