Want to know what you'll see when you watch the 13th Busiversary?

Welcome (part 1)

VB 51.8&9 Values, Cultures and Conflicts (Janet Bennett, Ph.D. on communication)

VB 52.3&4 Anger Management (Stuart Watson, MPA on non-violent communication)

VB 53.4&5 Marshall Rosenberg: Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

VB 50.5&6 Derrick Jensen: The Culture of Make Believe

VB 49.11 Health Effects of Depleted Uranium (Retired army Major Doug Rokke, PhD)

VB 53.1 War, Peace and the Media (Author Jack Duvall speaks)

VB 50.11 Let's Dare Make Peace: Report on Women in Black's 2003 Conference

Outtro 1

Welcome (Part 2)

VB 52.11&12 An Afternoon with Media Activist Dee Dee Halleck

VB 50.2 Demonstrating for Workers' Rights (Justice for Janitors, immigrant workers)

VB 50.13 Perfectly Legal: David Cay Johnston on Regressive Taxes and the Expanding Wealth Gap

VB 51.4&5 Phyllis Bennis: Palestine and Occupation

VB 52.7&8 Refusenik! Israel's Soldiers of Conscience (Israeli journalist and author Peretz Kidron)

VB 49.13 A Christian Palestinian View of the Roadmap (Palestinian Anglican priest Rev. Canon Naim Ateek)

VB 50.8&9 Medea Benjamin: The US Occupation of Iraq

VB 51.12&13 Occupation Eyewitness: AFSC's Ten Months in Baghdad (Mary Trotachaud & Rick McDowell)

Outtro 2

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