Want to know what you'll see when you watch the 14th Busiversary?

Welcome (part 1)

VB 56.10&11 Iraq Labor Tour Visits Portland

VB 57.2 Fined for Compassion: Voices in DC Court 2005 (Voices in the Wilderness)

VB 55.7&8 Saying No to War & Occupation (Teach-in and march 3/19/05)

VB 54.8 US Foreign Policy: Daniel Ellsberg and Medea Benjamin

VB 54.12&13 Breaking Ranks: Israeli Air Force Pilot Refuser Yonatan Shapira

VB 55.03&04 In Memory of Palestinian Rights Activist Rachel Corrie

VB 54.10 Oregon Biodiesel Workshop (Loren Fennell teaches)

VB 53.11 Copyright and You (Attorneys Kohel Haver and Bert Krages)

Outtro 1

Welcome (part 2)

VB 54.4&5 Howard Lyman: Voice for a Viable Future (the "Mad Cowboy" speaks)

VB 50.11 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's 90th Anniversary Celebration

VB 56.6&7 International Women Peacemakers (Italy, Spain, Iran and South Africa)

VB 57.5 Working for Human Rights in Peru (2004-05 trip)

VB 56.2&3 Peter Storey: Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa

VB 56.13 Should We Privatize Social Security? (activists, elected officials say no)

VB 50.8&9 Amy Goodman: Exception to the Rulers

SE 101.1-5 2004 National Conference on Police Accountability

Outtro 2

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