Want to know what you'll see when you watch the 15th Busiversary?

Welcome (Part 1)

Looking back: 15 Years of Flying Focus (8 minutes)


VB 60.7 Stonewalled (Amnesty International-bias against the GLBT community)

VB 59.2 Women in Control of Their Lives (Judith Arcana, abortion rights poetry)

VB 58.7&8 Women Confronting Globalization (effects on Latin America)

VB 60.3&4 Greener Homes and Gardens (environmentally conscious businesses)

VB 59.12 Last Child in the Woods (author Richard Louv on youth and the planet)

VB 58.5 Vietnam and Agent Orange (survivors speak out)

VB 59.4 Update on Burma: Interview with Edith Mirante

Outtro 1

Welcome (Part 2)

VB 58.10 Albany, Oregon: Two Peace Actions (Military Families & NW Vets for Peace)

VB 60.1 Exposing Human Rights Violations in Iraq and the "War on Terror"

VB 60.11 Portland Clerics for Peace (speaking out against the war in Iraq 3/06)

VB 58.2&3 Norman Solomon: Media Spin Makes War Easy

VB 60.9 You Are What You Media (Vanessa Hughes, NW Media Center)

VB 60.13&6.1 Community Dialogue on Racial Profiling

VB 61.3&4 A Nonviolent Response to Genocide (Dr. Elavie Ndura of Burundi)

VB 59.6 We Can Change Anything (WILPF on middle east issues)

VB 57.11 Working for Human and Animal Rights in Peru (2004-05 visit)

VB 59.9 Lima, Peru: Problems and Solutions (2005-06 visit)

VB 59.8 Human Rights Day and Chocolatada for the Working Children in Peru

Outtro 2

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