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Category: Feminist Issues

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  • Women's Equality Day (VB #63.13):
    Commemorating the right to vote, women speak about the Clothesline Project, violence against women, and changing the dominant paradigm to one of peace and cooperation. 6/07
  • Women in Control of Their Lives (VB #59.02):
    Judith Arcana, Portland author who helped women get safe abortions before Roe v.Wade, reads passionate and humorous poems for reproductive freedom. 4/06
  • International Women Peacemakers (VB #56.06&07):
    Women including one from Italy (the journalist shot by US soldiers upon her release from Iraq) and others from Spain, Iran and South Africa share their perspectives on making peace. 8/05
  • Domestic Violence in Kenya (VB #39.12):
    Ann Wanjiku Gathumbi speaks out as part of an Amnesty International campaign to reframe violence against women as a human rights issue to be addressed by all governments. 6/01
  • Should We Support Prostitution? (parts 1&2) (VB #39.4&5):
    Two people who work with survivors of the sex industry explain why their answer is a resounding "No!" 4/01
  • Sacred Wombs (VB #34.01):
    Two midwives discuss home births, water births, abortions and more alternatives to corporate medical care. 12/99
  • Active Women (VB #29.03):
    Three Portland women describe their efforts in art, activism, social service, and in their personal lives. 30 min. 10/98
  • Feminist Cablecast (VB #03.12):
    Women speak out at the Feminist Broadcast Quarterly's first meeting. 30