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Category: Media/Communications

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  • Project Censored Visits Portland (parts 1&2) (VB #91.10&11):
    Authors and editors of "Censored 2014: Fearless Speech in Fateful Times" note corporate coverage of current events resembles junk food news where stories are at best poorly covered. 6/14
  • Corporate Media Confidential (Parts 1 & 2) (VB #68.03&04):
    Former media insiders expose how Big Media shape reports, why they influence news, and how they decide what news is covered and what is not, at a Minneapolis conference. 7/08
  • You Are What You Media (VB #60.09):
    NW Media Literacy Center's Vanessa Hughes gives the basics on how to filter what the mass media throws at you. 8/06
  • Norman Solomon: Media Spin Makes War Easy (parts 1&2) (VB #58.02&03):
    Syndicated columnist shows the parallels between the coverage of and policies driving the Vietnam war and the current war on Iraq; musician David Rovics sings. 1/06
  • Amy Goodman: Exception to the Rulers (parts 1&2) (VB #53.13&54.01):
    The progressive journalist discusses origins of the independent Pacifica Radio, corporate media consolidation, Haiti, East Timor, and citizen responsibility. 12/04
  • An Afternoon with Media Activist Dee Dee Halleck (parts 1&2) (VB #52.11&12):
    An early proponent of Cable Access Television speaks about mainstream mediašs support of war and globalization and her career helping others get