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Want to know what you'll see when you watch the 20th Busiversary?

20 Years of Flying Focus: KBOO's Behind the Screen (8 minutes)


VB 78.12&13 Portland Black Panthers and the Media (panel discussion with former Panthers)

VB 79.3&4 David Hilliard and the Black Panthers (former leader looks at challenges)

VB 78.2&3 Turning Point (Restorative Listening Project #5) (Portland gentrification talks temporarily end)

VB 77.12&13 Diversity and Thriving in Schools (author Sonia Nieto on teaching)

VB 78.8&9 Not Waiting for Superman (Rethinking Schools' Stan Karp defends pubilc schools and unions)

VB 80.8&9 Rethinking Psychiatry (panelists discuss alternatives to medication)

Outtro 1

Welcome (Part 2)

VB 80.4 Rep. John Conyers: Single Payer Health Care (interview with Congressman/former civil rights leader)

VB 79.11Dr. Margaret Flowers: Health Care for All (national expert shares statistics and strategies)

VB 80.6 Cell Phones: What Can They Hurt? (filmmaker Talal Jabari on his movie "Full Signal")

VB 81.3&4 Oil Spill Update ("Black Tide" author Antonia Juhasz on the Gulf spill)

VB 79.13&80.1 Organizing on the Left (Rural Org Project/Western States Center confront anti-working-class ideology)

VB 78.6 Liu Xiaobo and the Nobel Peace Prize (PSU Professor Bruce Gilley on the Chinese prisoner of conscience)

VB 79.7&8 Iraq 8 Years Later: How is the War Economy Working for You? (scenes from 3/15/11 rally/march)

VB 80.12&13 Kathy Kelly: War and Peace in Afghanistan (Nobel Peace Prize nominee in Portland)

Outtro 2

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