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Flying Focus Video Collective Catalog of Available Videos

You can see a long list of our programs by category,
choose a specific category from the list below.

Watch for the new 2021-2024 catalog here soon!
In the meantime, you can see the most recent listings in the
    NEW! August, 2021 Catalog Insert

You can still download a printable 2018- 2021 catalog (3.3 mb, .pdf format) AND
  the February, 2019 Catalog Insert (.7 mb, .pdf)
   AND the August, 2019 Catalog Insert (.8 mb, .pdf)
      AND the February, 2020 Catalog Insert (.8 mb, .pdf)
        AND the August, 2020 Catalog Insert (.8 mb, .pdf)
          AND the February, 2021 Catalog Insert (.8 mb, .pdf)

See suggested donation prices for DVDs, VHS tapes, and NEW! 2021 USB flash drive orders on each category page.



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Last updated 8/17/21

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 _Home_ •   _Catalog_ •  _Newsletter_ •  _Video Clips_ •  _Showtimes_ •  _Lending Libraries_ •  _Donate_ •  _Links_