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Category: Nuclear Issues

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  • The Unequal Impacts of Nuclear Weapons: Hiroshima Day 2019 (Parts 1&2) (VB #114.09&10):
    A memorial event marked 74 years since the US dropped atomic bombs in Japan, featuring voices of Native Americans, downwinders, and a woman who lived through the bombs in Hiroshima. (3/2/20)

  • End Nuclear Weapons Now! (Parts 1&2) (VB #110.02&03):
    Dr. Tillman Ruff of the Nobel Prize Winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons discusses the nuclear disarmament movement. Includes art by Japanese students who worked with atomic bomb survivors (hibakusha). (1/7/19)
  • From Despair to Hope: Hiroshima/Nagasaki 2017 (Parts 1&2) (VB #105.04):
    From the 1945 atomic bombs to the 2017 UN vote to ban nuclear weapons, speakers, artists and musicians looked at the progress made in Oregon and internationally. (10/23/17)
  • Hiroshima / Nagasaki 2016: Toward a Nuclear-Free Future (Parts 1&2) (VB #102.06&07):
    Speakers, poetry and music at the 2016 memorial include a Hiroshima survivor's story, Unit Souzu taiko drumming, and what you can do to change US policy. (2/6/17) Streaming
  • The Ever-Present Nuclear Threat, 70 Years After Hiroshima (Parts 1&2) (VB #96.11&12):
    Speakers include a woman who was a child when the bombs dropped on Japan, a Pastor originally from the Marshall Islands, and a woman who helped organize Portland's first Hiroshima Day in 1962.
  • Hiroshima-Nagasaki-Hanford: A Tragic Connection 2013 (Parts 1&2) (VB #91.06&07):
    The 2013 Hiroshima Day commemoration in Portland reminds us plutonium for the 1945 Nagasaki bomb was manufactured at Hanford. Speakers, music and other information. 5/14 Streaming
  • Hanford, Cancer and Hope (Parts 1&2) (VB #89.03&04):
    Clariss Rogers' personal view of the ill effects on her family and friends of living downwind of Hanford Nuclear Plant. 10/14/13
  • Out of the Shadows: Hiroshima Day 2012 (Parts 1&2) (VB #87.09&10):
    Poets, dancers, musicians and speakers bring renewed focus to the threats posed by nuclear power and nuclear weapons at Portland's annual Hiroshima Day commemoration. 5/13
  • 65 Years Toward a Nuclear Free World: Hiroshima Day 2010 (Parts 1&2) (VB #76.11&12):
    A survivor of Hiroshima, a Buddhist activist, an Oregon State Representative, musicians and performers renew the call to end the use of nuclear weapons. 9/10
  • A Nuclear Free Future: Hiroshima Day 2009 (Parts 1&2) (VB #75.08&09):
    Information and entertainment covering the topics of Iran, the United Nations, the story of the Thousand Cranes, and how you can help make the future nuclear free. 5/10
  • Hiroshima Day 2008: Remembering the Past to Change the Future (Parts 1&2) (VB #69.04&05):
    Hiroshima memoir author Pamela Vergun and Hanford Challenge director Tom Carpenter were keynote speakers at the annual event that also featured music from the Taiko Drummers and the Gay Men?s Chorus. 10/08 --
  • Faslane 365: Protesting Trident Missiles in Scotland (VB #63.03):
    Women begin a one year peaceful blockade of the British Naval missile base; thoughts on militarism, sexism, and global politics; arrested women are released from jail. 4/07
  • Atomic Legacy: Hiroshima Day '99 (VB #33.01):
    Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse, a downwinder, a peace activist and young musical performers oppose nuclear weapons.
  • Remembering Hiroshima '98: Take Action! (VB #32.04):
    Former Sen. Mark Hatfield recounts landing in Hiroshima in 1945; Hanford Watch and others encourage change.
  • Hiroshima Day '94: Honoring Peacemakers (SE #071):
    Produced at MCTV 06/01/95
  • "N" is for Nuclear & "V" is for Veteran (CL #01.03):
    Information regarding the reconstruction of Hanford Nuclear Plant into Complex 21 for making newer deadlier nuclear warheads. Atomic vets discuss their exposure to radiation while in the m
  • Russian Doctors Discuss Radioactivity (IV #02.04):
    Russian nuclear accidents: first-hand reports of human suffering from fallout. 60 mi 05/30/94
  • Close Trojan Initiatives (VB #02.12):
    Street theatre & two initiatives aim to shut the nuclear plant. 28:33 03/23/92
  • Earth Circus (100th Monkey) (VB #03.11):
    International activists speak at Stop Nuclear Testing rally in Nevada. 30 mi 06/30/92
  • Stop Nuclear Testing Part I (VB #04.11):
    100th Monkey rally to stop nuclear testing at Red Rock Bowl Nevada. 30 mi 09/13/92
  • Stop Nuclear Testing Part II (VB #05.11):
    Arrests of protestors at the DOE and more speakers from this April rally. 30 mi 12/07/92
  • Nuclear Non Sense (VB #05.02):
    Citizens speak on nuclear issues at a hearing on Hanford Nuclear Site Clean-up. 30 mi 10/31/92
  • Radioactive Roulette (VB #07.04):
    30 mi 04/26/93
  • Fusion Confusion (VB #08.01):
    30 mi 07/05/93
  • Bringing It Home (VB #09.12):
    30 mi 12/20/93
  • Public Input--What Impact? (pt 1 & 2) (SE #057)--includes VB #12.12:
    Meetings held by the Tri-Party on Hanford nuclear waste tanks & restarting the Plutonium Finishing Plant 30 mi 09/19/94
  • Hanford: What's it to you? (pt1&2) (VB #09.03&04):
    60 mi 10/18/93
  • Hanford Downwinders Panel July 1995 (Part 1&2) (VB #18.05&06):
  • Hanford Whistle-Blower: Casey Rudd (IV 03.03):
  • Paul Koberstein (IV 01.01):
    The DOE, their contractors& money 01/24/94


    How Can We Create a Nuclear Free World?: Hiroshima Day 2011and
    Never Again: Remembering Hiroshima 2001
    under War and Peace

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indicates a show with short turnaround (1-2 weeks instead of 4-6 weeks)

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