"Erin Brockovich: Environmental Organizing in Portland"
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Erin Brockovich: Environmental Organizing in Portland

On April 2, 2016, the Eastside Portland Air Coalition (EPAC) hosted environmental activist Erin Brockovich at a community forum on air toxins in Portland. In 1993, Brockovich fought a successful legal battle against PG& E in California due to the groundwater contamination from their use of hexavalent chromium. Since her first major legal triumph, she has continued to advocate for communities who have been subjected to industrial environmental contamination. Concerns about toxins in the air, particularly from glass manufacturers, prompted Portlanders to push the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the federal Environmental Protection Agency to examine emissions affecting residents' health.

Also speaking on the program are Tamara Rubin of the Lead Safe America Foundation, environmental and consumer claims action attorney Robin Greenwald, and moderator Jody Bleyle of EPAC.

This program was recorded by John Pacheco with help from PC Peri and produced/edited by Allen Evans with help from Dan Handelman.

Streaming made possible by Eastside Portland Air Coaltiion

Part 1 (28:29):

For your information, the chapter breaks we assigned for this video are:

Part 1:

  1. 0:00: Opening Credits
  2. 1:15: Jody Bleyle: Why are we here?
  3. 3:56: Tamara Rubin- Lead Safe America
  4. 9:55: I'm Erin Brockovich, not Julia Roberts
  5. 10:43: Personal Values
  6. 11:36: Obstacles you will encounter
  7. 15:48: Superman is not coming
  8. 17:02: It begins with a lie
  9. 20:30: How long has this been going on
  10. 22:06: Where to begin / Social networking
  11. 26:01: Sticktoitiveness / End credits, part 1
You can use these times to find a particular section if you want to jump to a certain portion of the show.

Part 2 (28:10):

For your information, the chapter breaks we assigned for this video are:

Part 2:

  1. 0:00: Opening Credits
  2. 1:15: Erin B.-Don't give up
  3. 3:50: Robin Greenwald: Getting information
  4. 5:05: Question on testing blood or urine
  5. 7:16: Filing a lawsuit/ Using the public comment period
  6. 9:17: Where to get tested
  7. 11:29: Getting neighborhood health data
  8. 14:17: Financial transparency
  9. 16:44: Fluoridated water
  10. 19:47: How do you fight City Hall?
  11. 23:32: Conflict of interest?
  12. 25:34: Keeping the momentum
  13. 26:28: Who to trust with testing / End credits, part 2

The whole show (VB #99.10&11) is available for a donation of $11 (DVD/VHS) plus $4 postage and is streaming on line at our full shows You Tube channel. .

For more information
Erin Brockovich

Eastside Portland Air Coalition's website

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Streaming Videos table of contents

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