"One Year Busiversary"
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One Year Busiversary

The Flying Focus Video Collective marked its first year of programming on its weekly show, the Video Bus, with this fast-paced retrospective featuring clips from most of the first 49 episodes of the show.

Broken down by categories, such as Civil Rights, Homelessness/Poverty, Nuclear Issues, Foreign Affairs, and Indigenous Peoples, the clips show the wide variety of topics covered by Flying Focus' volunteer producers. The half-hour Flying Focus Video Bus premiered on November 18, 1991. The "Busiversary" opens with a short history of Flying Focus' earlier shows.

This program was compiled by Flying Focus member Dan Handelman.

Full show (30:03):

For your information, the chapter breaks we assigned for this video are:

Part 1:

  1. 0:00: Opening Credits
  2. 1:10: Introduction to Excerpts from Programs
  3. 2:24: Civil Rights
  4. 5:23: Homelessness / Poverty
  5. 7:03: The Economy
  6. 9:18: Nuclear Issues
  7. 11:32: Environmental Issues
  8. 14:29: Foreign Affairs
  9. 16:22: Political Process
  10. 16:54: War and Peace
  11. 18:12: Speakers
  12. 18:49: Women's (Femnist) Issues
  13. 20:42: Gay/ Lesbian (LGBTQ) Rights
  14. 22:05: Indigenous Peoples
  15. 23:40: Miscellaneous
  16. 25:38: Compilation Tapes/End credits
You can use these times to find a particular section if you want to jump to a certain portion of the show.

The whole show (VB #5.09) is available for a donation of $8 (DVD/VHS) plus $4 postage and is streaming on line at our full Restrospectives You Tube channel. .

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