"Twenty-Sixth Busiversary"
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Twenty-Sixth Busiversary (2016-17)

We ordinarily try to let presenters or events play out at length on the Flying Focus Video Bus. Once a year we compact those shows into short (2-3 minute) clips for a retrospective show. This "Busiversary" features 13 programs produced between Nov. 2016 and Oct. 2017. Three of the four producers speak about why they made the shows they did, and some of the crew make appearances as well.

Part 1 features two commemorations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (from 2016 and 2017). Four shows examine organizing for change and systems of government: Teaching for Social Justice speaker Kevin Kumashiro, a panel looking at money in politics, Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman giving a local talk, and visionary speaker Charles Eisenstein.

Part 2 starts out with a World Bank participant on climate change. Two shows taped at the Portland conference on Mental Health and Law Enforcement (Elyn Saks and police at mental health crises) lead into two shows on police issues-- a City Council hearing about Portland officers tasering a man and a march for justice and equality. The show closes out with two more panels: examining the 75th anniversary of the internment of Japanese Americans, and Asian American / Pacific Islanders connecting struggles for racial justice.

Hear from producers PC Peri, Barb Greene and Dan Handelman (who also sits in for Mike Brown), and volunteer Steve Roberts talking about the programs they made. The Video Bus premiered on November 18, 1991 and has run weekly ever since.

Part 1 (27:19):

For your information, the chapter breaks we assigned for this video are:

Part 1:

  1. 0:00: Opening Credits
  2. 1:15: Welcome with PC Peri and Dan Handelman
  3. Nuclear Issues/War & Peace
  4. 3:01: Introduction with Dan
  5. 4:03: VB 102.6&7 Hiroshima/Nagasaki 2016: Toward a Nuclear-Free Future
  6. 6:33: Intro Dan
  7. 7:13: VB 105.4 From Despair to Hope: Hiroshima/Nagasaki 2017
  8. Organizing for Change/Systems of Government
  9. 9:46: Intro with PC
  10. 10:30: VB 103.1 Fixing Systems, Demystifying Ideologies
  11. 12:55: Introduction with Barb Greene and PC
  12. 14:06: VB 103.7&8 Taking Back Our Democracy
  13. 16:38: Intro with Barb and PC
  14. 17:16: VB 104.2&3 Amy Goodman on the Movements Changing America
  15. 19:28: Intro with Barb and PC
  16. 20:22: VB 102.10&11 Change the Story, Change the World
  17. 22:56: Summary Part 1 with PC, Barb and the crew
  18. 24:37: End Credits
You can use these times to find a particular section if you want to jump to a certain portion of the show.

Part 2 (27:44):

For your information, the chapter breaks we assigned for this video are:

Part 2:

  1. 0:00: Opening Credits
  2. 1:15: Welcome Back with PC Peri and Barb Greene
  3. Environmental Justice
  4. 2:43: Introduction with Barb and PC
  5. 3:22: VB 101.11&12 Mitigating Climate Change
  6. Alternative Health Care
  7. 5:57: Intro with Barb and PC
  8. 6:32: VB 105.1&2 Elyn Saks: Making Peace with Mental Illness
  9. Police Accountability
  10. 8:48: Intro with Dan Handelman (for Mike Brown)
  11. 9:45: VB 104.10&11 Police at Mental Health Crises: Help or Hindrance?
  12. 12:15: Intro with Dan
  13. 12:53: VB 103.3&4 Tased and Confused: Civilian Oversight in Portland 2017
  14. 15:31: Intro with Dan
  15. 16:23: VB 104.6&7 Marching for Justice, Equality and Police Reform
  16. Civil Rights
  17. 18:55: Introduction with Dan
  18. 19:37: VB 103.11&12 EO 9066: Japanese-American Internment, 75 Years Later
  19. Multicultural Issues
  20. 22:01: Introduction with PC
  21. 22:39: VB 102.2&3 Asian Pacific Islanders in the Fight for Racial Justice
  22. 25:08: Summary part 2 with PC and Dan
  23. 25:56: End Credits/Behind the Scenes
You can use these times to find a particular section if you want to jump to a certain portion of the show.

The two-part show (VB #105.07&08) is available for a donation of $11 (DVD/VHS) plus $4 postage and is streaming on line at our full Restrospectives You Tube channel.

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