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Twenty-Third Busiversary (2013-14)

This version of Flying Focus' annual retrospective features five volunteer producers highlighting shows about the environment, racial and economic justice, education, war and peace, nuclear issues, media literacy, labor struggles, animal rights and creative "reuse" recycling.

Part 1 includes clips from Barb Greene, PC Peri, Mike Brown and Dan Handelman which focus on brownfields, Latinos' experiences in Oregon and in the classrooms, what's wrong with "Common Core," the legal and grassroots efforts to end war, and two shows about the ongoing US presence in Afghanistan.

Part 2 has Dan, Allen Evans, and Barb talking about Hiroshima Day 2013, police accountability and housing rights, the stories you don't know being exposed by Project Censored, protests against Walmart, the health risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the elephants in Portland's zoo, and "getting your junk fixed" at the Repair Cafe.

The 14 sets of clips are taken from 24 new episodes produced between December 2013 and October 2014. The show was produced by Dan, with appearances by Barb, PC, Dan, Allen, and videographer Joe Anybody, plus a sneak peak behind the scenes at the other crew who helped tape the introductions in the studio at Portland Community Media. Flying Focus uses its yearly review not only to present a summary of the year's work and issues, but additionally de-mystifies the experience of making TV.

The Video Bus has been running weekly since November 18, 1991.

Part 1 (27:29):

For your information, the chapter breaks we assigned for this video are:

Part 1:

  1. 0:00: Opening Credits
  2. 1:15: Welcome with PC Peri and Barb GreeneEnvironmental Justice
  3. 3:00: Introduction with Barb and PC
  4. 4:07: VB 90.7&8 Making Brownfields GreenMulticultural Issues
  5. 6:23: Introduction with Barb and PC
  6. 7:07: VB 91.2&3 The Latino Experience of Racism in PortlandOrganizing for change
  7. 9:24: Intro with Barb and PC
  8. 10:11: VB 92.2&3 Curtis Acosta: Teaching and Organizing for Justice
  9. 12:21: Intro with Introduction with PC
  10. 13:15: VB 89.11&12 Stan Karp on Common Core 2013Foreign Affairs/War & Peace
  11. 15:27: Intro with PC
  12. 16:08: VB 90.11&12 David Swanson: Ending War
  13. 18:21: Intro with Dan Handelman for Mike Brown
  14. 19:15: VB 92.10&11 Zaher Wahab: Afghanistan on the Brink
  15. 21:30: Intro with Dan
  16. 22:27: VB 90.3&4 Afghanistan 12 Years Later: The Costs of Endless War
  17. 24:45: Summary Part 1 with PC and Dan
  18. 25:32: End Credits
You can use these times to find a particular section if you want to jump to a certain portion of the show.

Part 2 (27:45):

For your information, the chapter breaks we assigned for this video are:

Part 2:

  1. 0:00: Opening Credits
  2. 1:15: Welcome Back with PC Peri and Dan HandelmanNuclear Issues
  3. 2:43: Intro with Dan
  4. 3:27: VB 91.6&7 Hiroshima-Nagasaki-Hanford: A Tragic Connection 2013Systems of Government
  5. 5:41: Intro with Dan
  6. 6:19: VB 92.6&7 Fighting City Hall: Police Accountability, Homes and JobsMedia/Communications
  7. 8:33: Introduction with Allen Evans
  8. 9:34: VB 91.10&11 Project Censored Visits PortlandWorkers' Rights
  9. 11:48: Intro with Allen and Mike Tabor (Joe Anybody)
  10. 13:31: VB 90.1 Organizing Walmart Workers in Portland - June 7, 2013Health Care Alternatives
  11. 15:46: Introduction with PC and Barb Greene
  12. 16:22: 12- VB 93.3&4 GMOs: A Risky BusinessMiscellaneous/ Economy
  13. 18:44: Intro with Barb
  14. 19:16: VB 93.1 Get Your Junk FixedAnimal Rights
  15. 21:29: Intro with Barb
  16. 22:52: VB 92.8 The Elephant in the Room
  17. 25:00: Summary part 2 with PC and Barb
  18. 26:00: End Credits/Behind the Scenes
You can use these times to find a particular section if you want to jump to a certain portion of the show.

The two-part show (VB #93.06&07) is available for a donation of $11 (DVD/VHS) plus $4 postage and is streaming on line at our full Restrospectives You Tube channel.

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