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Category: Systems of Government

    indicates a show with short turnaround (1-2 weeks instead of 4-6 weeks)

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  • How ALEC Writes Our Rights Away (parts 1&2) (VB #98.01&02) :
    Panelists explain the workings of the American Legislative Exchange Council and how to take back control of the country from the right-wing, ruthless group. 1/4/16
  • Dismantling Corporate Rule (VB #76.03) :
    Activist/author Paul Cienfuegos encourages activists to assert authority over corporate entities, as he describes the history of corporate personhood. 7/10
  • Ralph Nader Discusses the Election (October 26, 2008) (VB #71.02&03) :
    In October, 2008, lifelong activist Ralph Nader visited Portland and discussed human rights, foreign wars, the environment, workers the economy, and the then-upcoming Presidential election. 4/09
  • Jess Trussme (VB #47.07):
    Ira Shorr, National Director of Physicians for Social Reponsibility, talks about the dangers and costs of Bush's policies, then performs a parody of a conservative politician running for office. 5/03
  • Protest in LA: Unmasking the 2000 Democratic Convention (VB #37.02):
    Thousands of activists took to the streets of Los Angeles to demand that so-called "Democrats" actually work for economic justice, environmental protection, and human rights.
  • Noam Chomsky: Class War: Global Exploitation and the Grassroots Response (SE #080):
    At PSU, the noted analyst brings hard-to-find facts, a somber warning and a message of hope. 01/10/96

  • Getting Resolutions Passed (Iraq Sanctions Conference '99 #1) (VB #34.08):
    A student, a peace activist, a teacher and a City Council member talk about elected officials taking a