"Noam Chomsky in Portland 1995: Global Exploitation and the Grassroots Response"
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Noam Chomsky in Portland 1995: Global Exploitation and the Grassroots Response

At Portland State University in October 1995, the noted analyst brings hard-to-find facts, a somber warning and a message of hope in a talk that touches on class warfare, health care, and history. Following his talk there were two Q&A sessions, one in the ballroom where the talk took place and one in the more intimate Multicultural Center.

This program was recorded by Dan Handelman, Judith Thandi and Mike Toschi, and produced/edited by Dan and Thandi. It was presented as a Speakers and Events show on Tualatin Valley Community Access in January 1996.

Noam Chomsky in Portland 1995: Global Exploitation and the Grassroots Response (1:52:38):

For your information, the chapter breaks we assigned for this video are:

  1. 0:00: Opening Credits
  2. 0:36: Intros: Patricia Kullberg, KBOO and Ken Spice, 223 Freedom & Mutual Aid Center*
  3. 3:42: Noam Chomsky: Inequality in the US today
  4. 6:35: US is becoming a "Third World Country"
  5. 8:25: US politics by and for the wealthy
  6. 16:48: Health care and human rights
  7. 26:24: Tax cuts- who benefits?
  8. 32:59: Conservatives, social services and immigration
  9. 38:09: Perks for businesses, historic lows for workers & deregulation
  10. 48:00: Profits for Fortune 500 as wages decline
  11. 54:29: History of the labor movement
  12. 1:02:33: This has happened over and over
  13. 1:05:17: Q&A: Federalism / centralized power
  14. 1:07:30: Racial polarization
  15. 1:10:49: Corporate propaganda
  16. 1:19:36: Violence vs. strikers & how to change things
  17. 1:23:15: Illegitimate private corporate power and belief
  18. 1:28:34: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
  19. 1:31:26: Children and nature
  20. 1:34:05: Help individuals, work with groups to change systems
  21. 1:39:05: Q&A Part 2: Unsustainable system could run out of resources
  22. 1:41:19: Vision, parties, leaders and Palestine
  23. 1:47:42: Danger to democracy, cults and fundamentalism
  24. 1:51:26: End credits
You can use these times to find a particular section if you want to jump to a certain portion of the show.

The show (SE #080) is available for a donation of $14 (DVD/VHS) plus $4 postage and is streaming on line at our full shows You Tube channel. .

*-Note: Ms. Kullberg's name is misspelled onscreen. Also, the 223 Mutual Aid Center shut down in the late 1990s, so onscreen contact information is no good. Flying Focus' current email address is ffvc@flyingfocus.org, not the one at agora.rdrop.com listed on screen.
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Streaming Videos table of contents

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